Special Offers

We try to keep our prices affordable so that you can keep coming back for your kayaking fix! We aim to provide excellent value on our tours, and hope that you appreciate our “straight up” prices. We do sometimes offer last minute discounts on trips with empty spaces if we feel it will create a more enjoyable experience for those already registered on the trip. We also occasionally release special offers – we’ll post them here, but be sure to follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss a deal!

Limited-Time Offers

During the month of December, book any accommodation or kayak tour and be entered to win two nights at Discovery Islands Lodge! The more you spend, the greater your chance to win. Up to $500 = 1 ballot, $500-1000 = 2 ballots, etc.

We’ll be posting special offer “flash sales” on our social media feeds throughout December. Many offers will be valid for only one day, so check our feeds every day! 

Returning Customers

Have you been on a trip with us before? Returning customers receive 10% off the price of their trip when they bring a friend along who hasn’t previously been on a trip with us.

Discovery Islands Lodge

Want to stay one or more nights at Discovery Islands Lodge before or after your trip? Book them with your multi-day trip reservation and receive 10% off accommodation.