Packing List Kayak Tours & Trips ~ Coast Mountain Expeditions

Equipment List

For our sea kayaking Vancouver Island BC tours Coast Mountain Expeditions relies on high quality, well-maintained equipment. We use mostly single fibreglass sea kayaks and have many popular kayak designs to accommodate individual preference and assure comfortable paddling. Comfortable & sleek double sea kayaks are also available.

We Provide
Top quality kayaks, paddles, spray skirts, PFD’s (lifejackets), charts & compass, kayak camp-kitchen, radio & safety equipment, wilderness first aid supplies, good 2-person tents, delicious wholesome food, boat transportation, eco-lodge accommodation, and excellent certified guides. We supply dry bags for each participant.

Your Packing List

Please refer to the packing list in the trip confirmation you receive when you registered for the trip, as required items may differ between trips. 

Packing Hints:
For British Columbia kayak trips, quick-dry* synthetic shirts and pants are best.
Cotton clothes can be damp and uncomfortable for kayaking – dry cotton clothing for around camp is fine.
Synthetic fleece or wool provide warmth, especially when combined with a wind/rain shell.
Bring several smaller stuff sacks – 10L ‘sleeping bag size’ is good. Kayaks have adequate storage space, but the hatch openings are small.
If you have any questions about packing for your BC kayaking trip, please contact us!