It seems like just yesterday that we sent out the first multi day kayak trip of the season. Kayaks and equipment fresh from winter storage touched water for the first time, stoke in the eyes of guide and participant alike. The rivers were full then; still swollen from spring rainfall, forests efervescent with new life.

Time sure flies quickly. Here we are, two months later and the end of August is fast approaching. Record low rainfall and a thin snowpack have left their mark on a noticeably drier landscape, but haven’t dried out spirits around here; we’re still just as excited about kayaking as we were in June. Our enthusiasm rides high in part due to the great experiences this summer has brought us: a few challenges, a lot of amazing experiences, and even more new friends.

Low water at times threatened our water supply – the plumbing genius of Ralph and a few perfectly timed rainstorms have kept water flowing through our taps. What’s bad for rivers is good for paddling though, and our trips have been blessed with clear skies and calm weather through most of summer. In addition to good weather, it’s been an amazing year for wildlife. We have frequently shared our ocean journeys with Orca, breaching humpbacks, grizzly bears, porpoises, and too many seals, eagles, and seastars to count.

We also feel fortunate to have assembled a “dream team” of sorts; a combination of returning and new staff that may be the best team yet. We’re sad to see some of them start to drift away towards school, work, and wintertime wanderings, but hope to see them all back with us next season. It’s not just our staff that have us jazzed on this season. Each kayak trip is shaped by the group of participants that join, and this year we have made many great friendships with the unique, fun, and motivational characters who join us for an adventure. We’re not sure if every kayak company gets such great people signed onto their trips, but we doubt it. We feel very fortunate to have met all of you and hope you join us again next year.

For those of you still looking to become part of one of the best kayaking seasons yet, there are still several multi day kayak trips with space yet to depart. They will be an experience that won’t disappoint. We promise.

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