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About Kayaking

Why is Kayaking so Popular?

Kayaking is a diverse sport that is accessible to just about everyone. Ample storage space within kayaks enables multi-day expeditions, while low draft allows travel to areas inaccessible to larger boats. The quietness with which kayaks glide through the water makes for unparalleled wildlife viewing – seaworthy design allows more advanced paddlers to challenge their abilities in rough waters and tidal rapids. Some people use kayaking as challenging physical exercise, others simply enjoy a fresh-air day-paddle with a bunch of friends.


Kayaks come in many shapes and sizes! Beyond personal fit, kayaks are carefully designed for many attributes. Boats that feel comfortable for the novice paddler are not the same designs that most advanced paddlers prefer. We have many different makes and models, and will fit you with a kayak appropriate for your size, comfortable for your skills, and selected for how and where you plan to paddle. We use kayaks made by Atlantis, Necky, Current Designs, Seaward, and Nigel Dennis Kayaks.

Kayaking with Coast Mountain Expeditions

Unique to kayaking is the ease with which new paddlers can learn basic skills, feel comfortable, and have fun!
At Coast Mountain we always try to balance the importance of good skills and safety with fun and excitement. Our guided sea kayaking British Columbia trips include pre-trip instruction/refresher of basic skills and proper technique. A basic set of skills will help you paddle farther and faster with less effort, and maneuver your kayak in ways that are fun and useful. You will feel happier and less tired at the end of the day! With guidance and a little effort you can further improve your sea kayaking skills along the journey.
On guided trips safety is assured because our leaders have advanced kayaking skills, lots of on-water and teaching experience, and healthy respect for Mother Nature. There are many merits to a no-worries all-inclusive tour and we welcome you to join us again and again.
Sea kayaking offers many possibilities for personal challenge and growth, and when you want to take off on your own, we’ll help you be ready for the adventure.

Courses and Instruction

Once you’ve mastered some basics, you may be excited to learn more. You might feel ready to head out on your own adventures, and challenge yourself. You could work at advanced bracing skills, and practice some new capsize-recovery techniques. You could learn about tides and currents, coastal weather, kayak navigation, and low impact coastal camping…
…You could decide to roll your kayak! When you can come back-up easily, you can move into rougher waters with confidence. With advanced kayaking skills, a whole new adrenaline-filled world opens. You can journey safely to more remote places. And (not for all of us, though it is always exciting to watch) high-performance kayak surfing is a dynamic, active adventure! It challenges the best kayakers — you never finish with this sport!
Whatever your challenge, our instructors and guides are experienced, certified, and eager to help you build your skills!