We’re almost past when Happy New Year is the correct salutation; however, here’s wishing everyone a year that’s full of love and health and fun.  And good and rewarding challenges!

On many fronts, there are important things to do. Both Ralph and I are deeply engaged in local enviro-political missions that suck as much as we can give. Sometimes when we look at the wider world, other social and environmental crises make our coastal community issues seem trivial. However, the old maxim applies – think global and act local – so we carry on and hope that conviction and honest people power can win some of the struggles.

We’re so blessed to live in this magnificent place and enjoy the fruits of our labour – even literally: we’re eating our way through the scores of winter squash that line our high shelves, and so glad for root vegetables and kale that make our meals healthy. Maybe this blog (a new year resolution!) will contain some of the simple recipes that are our regular winter fare. Or do you want cookies?