A Thank You from the Surge Narrows Community

In early March (fortunately pre-social distancing), Surge Narrows residents gathered to celebrate a big achievement. In just three months, the small community fundraised $127,000 to purchase and protect 20 acres of old growth forest. 

The successful purchase of Lot 302 expands the existing Surge Narrows Fish and Forest Reserve into a 40-acre protected area that includes headwaters of two salmon streams, healthy mature forest, and other sensitive ecosystems. 

A big kickstart from Coast Mountain Expeditions, and 144 donations from near and far helped this small community make a difference: these lands are now saved from logging, and will provide habitat and carbon storage for as long into the future as we can guarantee. It’s heartening to know that our community includes so many generous friends, neighbours, and strangers – and we are glad to be one small part, among many other efforts to save biodiversity for global health!

A wonderful side effect is the community unity and can-do energy this success has also spawned. The “extra” funds raised have us looking at an adjacent wetland, and we hope to enlist a non-profit to help protect that special habitat.  

We’ve also been having fun exploring and actively planning, and we’re beginning to build a first walking trail on the recently acquired property. (It’s a great project for now, because its beautiful springtime in the Discovery Islands and outdoors is a great way to be together, even while we maintain proper distance.) This will be a multi purpose community resource – for enjoyable walking and sharing time in nature, and for watching and learning. It’s also a perfect nature study area, close to the local school.

Surge Narrows Community is serious about our responsibility for helping to protect this small, significant and precious part of the natural world. Thanks from everyone here to special Coast Mountain friends who contributed. And to all: Please, when you can, come and visit the Surge Narrows Fish and Forest Reserve!