Dear Friends,

We’re still here! And we’re still helping, but it is very nice to hand the CME reins to son, Albert, who is
doing a fabulous job of guiding this project called Coast Mountain. 2020 as first year in the driver’s seat
was tough, but Albert undid and rearranged and kept things afloat. We feel really fortunate to be where
we are.

Summer was still busy but Lannie got to be blissed-out in the garden and Ralph got to start on the
kitchen reno that has been in mind for (no kidding) ten years. We had lovely summer visits from Emily
and Edgar, and Kate – and super-fun with grandson, Koda, who had his first birthday here!
Now it’s winter and the garden and chickens are keeping us well-fed. The new kitchen is wonderful, and
would be long-since done except for environmental issues that pre-empt time. Hope keeps us energized;
but it always feels uphill and we aren’t quite as fast as we used to be… And we miss friends and family!
Like so many people, we’ll be home alone this Christmas. We know most of you have been on this same
Covid-19 roller coaster and, like us, are saying, “Enough already!” and if wishes come true, we’ll all be
hugging again in 2021. Until then (even though being human and self-isolating is a contradiction in
terms) being-good and keeping-safe are new priorities.

Though we can’t be with our loved ones, we can go outside and share Time with Nature. Appreciating
the spirit of other animals and the amazing beauty of plants and wild places might just make you feel
better. We humans actually need this connection, now more than ever.
And when you are back at home, get happy in the kitchen! Try the recipe for Lannie’s Hazelnut Batons
with some spiced cider. Or Ralph’s traditional glühe wine, which will really make you glow.
With our love, and many good wishes for 2021.

Lannie, Ralph & Cedar, at the CME homestead

Coast Mountain Glühe Wine 
This Yuletide drink is a Christmastime tradition at the Coast Mountain homestead. It comes with
memory overtones of carol singing and community camaraderie. Serves 4-6 adults
2 cups of water
1/3 cup sugar
2 cups orange juice
2 cinnamon sticks.
1 whole orange
20 whole cloves
750 ml red wine

In a medium saucepan, heat the water, sugar, orange juice and cinnamon sticks.
Cut the orange in 1/4-inch slices, except leave the last 1/3 uncut and poke the 20 cloves into the peel of
the uncut piece. Put the orange slices and clove-studded end into the juice mix and simmer for 10-15

Just head of serving, add the red wine and heat gently – do not boil!
Options: *Add more sugar to taste
*Add ½ cup brandy to the hot wine.
Serve in mugs (with an orange slice) and enjoy the glow!

Alcohol-free Spiced Cider
Heat 4-6 cups cider or apple juice with 2 cinnamon sticks, and a sliced and clove-studded orange, as
above. Sweeten to taste. Serve with cinnamon stick straws!