With help from Coast Mountain Expeditions and many others, the small outer islands community of Surge Narrows is purchasing a 20-acre parcel of mature and old growth forest to save it from being logged.

The plan came about when we heard of a forested acreage for sale and visioned it as an addition to the community’s ecological reserve. On visiting the older couple who owned the land, Ralph and Lannie learned they were receiving an asking-price offer from a logging company. ‘’Lot 302” is a beloved place of big trees along Read Island’s main road, just up from the school and community centre and adjacent to the existing Surge Narrows Fish and Forest Reserve. We couldn’t bear to imagine a clear cut so close to the heart of our community.

We thought hard, but not long. We decided it was the right time to give big to the landscape and community that have supported Coast Mountain for so many years. Sale papers weren’t yet signed and the owners preferred to have the forest preserved, so Ralph and Lannie arranged a land purchase for the asking price, $150,000.

We wanted this to be a community owned forest, so we presented our idea to the Surge Narrows Community, with our offer to donate the first $50,000 towards the purchase. (Thank you to all of our customers who helped make this possible.) The community was delighted and excited, and the Surge Narrows Community Association (SNCA) took on the project to raise $100,000 to complete the purchase.

Adding Lot 302 to the existing Surge Narrows Fish and Forest Reserve creates a 40-acre community-protected wildlife habitat that includes two wetlands, the headwaters of Read Island’s most important salmon streams, and the forest of old cedar and fir. Significantly, purchase of Lot 302 prevents the area being logged, ensuring that thousands of tons of carbon will remain as large living trees to help mitigate the impacts of climate change.

If you’d like to know more please visit www.SNCA.ca. Lot 302 fundraising just topped $81,000 which is real testament to our community of less than 100 people, and a whole lot of caring friends!  As you can see on our GoFundMe page, we’ve had many donations, both big and small, online and offline. Now we’re in our final push to get to $100,000.

If you’d like to help, donations are welcome by cheque, e-transfer or credit card. Tax receipts provided.

Surge Narrows Community Association, PO Box 52, Surge Narrows, BC, V0P 1W0

Next time you’re visiting Coast Mountain Expeditions or Discovery Islands Lodge, walk up the road at Surge Narrows Dock and enjoy the big forest at Surge Narrows Fish and Forest Reserve!