Jan 29, 2022

Dear friends and customers,

We’re hopeful that the worst of Covid is now behind us, and that we will all be able to enjoy a fun, and relatively normal summer. It’s our expectation that trips will be able to run normally, but we remain ready to adapt to any changes that may come our way. Because of the uncertainty brought on by Covid 19, we strongly recommend that trip participants purchase robust cancellation insurance.

Please note that we will follow current and future provincial health orders and mandates, and will require trip participants to do the same.

Although it is our intention and expectation that trips will run as advertised, we reserve the right to modify trip route, structure, timing or even cancel trips altogether if we feel that we cannot offer them in a safe manner. We hope that this won’t be the case, but Covid 19 has taught us to expect the unexpected.


Albert, Kate, Ralph, Lannie, and the rest of the CME team.