January has brought cold weather here in the Discovery Islands. Even the moderating effects of the Pacific couldn’t hold off the cold weather on Read Island. Bridges, paths, and roads are coated with a thin sheen of ice (yes, we get ice on the coast too), and open patches of fresh water have frozen over. It`s been a not-so-gentle reminder of what winter can be like here on the coast, and we haven’t even had a real good outflow wind from Bute Inlet to really put the chill on things!

discovery-islands-lodge-dockDespite the cold, our house has been warmed with company; guide Albert and former guide Jaysun have both made the trip out to help Ralph with some building projects (we know what you`re asking, and no, we never really stop working ;-).

If you’ve been to visit before, you`ll notice some small but important changes at both Coast Mountain and Discovery Islands Lodge. Both are getting new, sturdier floats for the docks that should make kayak entry and exit even easier. They’re both a bit bigger too, so you`ll have more space to spread out when you pack your kayak, and the float at Discovery Islands Lodge will be equipped with improved covered kayak storage. Discovery Islands Lodge itself will also see an improved entrance way with space for a small office and check-in area, as well as a new covered kayak area. They’re all changes that we hope will make our lodges even more comfortable than before.

It’s easy to gripe about working outside in the cold, but every once in awhile we get a reminder of what a special place we call home. Two days ago we saw a solitary humpback cruise past as we worked on the docks. Another magical moment in a beautiful spot.