Explore Quadra Island ~ Discovery Islands Lodge

Quadra Island hiking trails, bike routes, & swimming

If Quadra Island hiking or mountain biking interests you, then our Quadra Island B&B Hostel is a great place to visit. Upon your arrival to Quadra Island or to Discovery Islands Lodge, you should acquire the Quadra Island Hiking Trails published by the Quadra Island Trail Committee. This map contains most of the better known Quadra Island hiking trails but there are quite a number of “unofficial trails” lacing the Island which can be accessed with a bit of local knowledge. Here are a few “official” hiking destinations:

Surge Narrows Road

The road upon which you travel to get to DiscoveryIslands Lodge is a narrow gravel road, which meanders though 5 kilometers of Quadra Island Provincial Park and a spectacular rain forest. The road sees little traffic making it pleasant to walk or bike along. It accesses Main Lake allowing the hiker to take a refreshing swim.

Surge Narrows Marine Park Trail

An unimproved but established 3 km trail from the end of Surge Narrows road, on North Quadra Island, out to a lunch spot in the heart of Surge Narrows Marine Park, over looking the tidal rapids. The best time to go on this hike is near a maximum flood tide when the tidal rapids are most spectacular. You might even see white water kayakers playing in the rapids. The trail is generally easy but there are a few short spots where it is a little challenging and hand holds are necessary. Allow approx 1 hour each way.

Chinese Mountains Trail

From Discovery Islands Lodge you will need to drive back about 15 Km on the Surge Narrows Rd to a well marked trail called “Chinese Mountains where you will find parking . This is a pleasant generally moderate up hill hike which leads to a splendid view overlooking Drew Harbour, Heriot Bay, and Northern Georgia Strait. Allow 30 min to ascend to the summit.

Negedzi Lakes Trail

Not far from the Chinese Mountains you’ll find a sign pointing to the Negedzi lakes. This is an outstanding trail to the higher elevation rainforest on Quadra’s west side over-looking Johnstone Strait. The trail is a generally up hill on the way there and several hours in length with branches to other trails leading to Newton lake or connecting to Granite bay. This is potentially a long hike, 5-15 km in length depending on how far you want to go. It is well marked with signs and generally, in good condition.

Granite Bay/Small Inlet Trail

Drive to Granite Bay and pick up the trail to Small Inlet. Once there, you can hike to Wyatt Bay, near the Octopus Islands or hike up to Newton lake for a swim. Allow 2-4 hours each way depending on how far you go.

Other trails

There are many short and long trails throughout the island–too many to menton them all. When you arrive, we will be happy to give you a detailed map containing the routes for all of Quadra’s trails. We wish to thank the Quadra Trails Committee for creating and maintaining our beautiful trails.