How to get to Quadra Island’s Discovery Islands Lodge

Our Location ~ Discovery Islands Lodge

As the crow flies, we are located about 150 km north from the city of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Between Vancouver Island and the mountainous British Columbia coast, the Discovery Islands are a paradise-wilderness of rainforest islands — offering you sea kayaking at its best! Although we are a step away from civilization, it is easy to get here.

Quadra Island Driving Directions – At the Quathiaski Cove (Quadra) ferry landing, follow traffic: off the ferry – up the hill – past the plaza. Turn right at the stop-sign (gas-station corner); turn next-left at West Road (just past the school, where all the directional signs are.) Follow West Road past the police station, and about 5 km further to Heriot Bay.

At Heriot Bay Fire Station (first crossroad), turn left onto Cramer Road.

Stay on this road all the way 22 km to Discovery Islands Lodge! The road name changes: Cramer Road becomes Hyacinthe Bay Road, then Village Bay Lakes Road, and finally turns into Surge Narrows Road for the last 5 km or so. (Don’t Turn, and Trust your Odometer!

The last 12 km of road are hilly and mostly wide enough for 2 vehicles to pass easily – but be careful! The gravelled road surface is well-maintained and fine for 2- wheel-drive vehicles… Just slow down and enjoy the scenery!

-Surge Narrows Road ends at the ocean, 100 metres beyond our driveway. Before you get there, you’ll see our sign and our driveway to the right. The driveway is steep, but fine for all vehicles to go down — and up again after you unload! We don’t have space for parking at the bottom, but there are several parking areas on the driveway, and it is also fine to park along the upper roadside.

Need some help?

We’re happy to help you figure out best paths to get here. Please contact us any time!