Those of you who have been around Coast Mountain for more than a couple years will remember our original “Sea Kayak Lodge Getaway”. Based from our Read Island lodge, the Getaway offered a lovely combination of lodge accommodation and day paddling. A highlight of the trip (and one reason a lot of people returned over and over again) was the delicious food that Lannie cooked up. The trips were a hit, but the lodge location at the head of Evans Bay wasn’t the best for shorter day paddles.

Discovery Islands Lodge

We thought we could do better, so three years ago we made a big switch and began running our Lodge Getaways from our Quadra Island location.

Just one of many beautiful sights in the Surge Narrows Marine Park

Perched on pilings over the water, Discovery Islands Lodge offers comfortable accommodation with epic views, and a touch of rustic charm. Most importantly, it’s located a stone’s throw from the Surge Narrows Marine Park, one of our very favourite kayaking spots.

The Surge Narrows Marine Park is tidally active, meaning there is an almost constant flow of current flowing through its tightly packed rocks and islets. Thiscurrent carries a steady stream of oxygen rich water and nutrients to marine organisms, making Surge Narrows one of the most biodiverse areas of the Discovery Islands. It also makes it difficult to paddle most of the time. Maximum current speeds of up to 12 miles per hour churn up impressive whitewater, but things change at “slack”, when calm waters prevail for a short period of time. This is our window to explore the narrows, and we always aim for a low-tide slack, when the full range of inter-tidal life is on display. It’s a bit like paddling through an aquarium! Our guides are experts at linking up calm areas and backeddies, as well as timing little current rides that are just the right kind of safe thrill.

Night sky from Discovery Islands Lodge

The great kayaking doesn’t stop after Surge Narrows. We may paddle to First Nations pictographs, an enormous cedar tree, or the largest pigeon guillemot nesting rookery in the Discovery Islands. We might watch the sunset from our kayaks, stay up late to experience the bioluminescence, or build kayaking skills. SO whether you want to paddle a lot, or just a little, these trips offer fun and flexibility for everyone.

Paddling isn’t everything, and we’ve been busy making sure the lodge is a wonderful place to spend time. Rooms are simple, but comfortable. A large common area offers space to gather and swap stories, while plenty of decks, lounge chairs, and hammocks offer space for quiet solitude. Our floating sauna is always an apres paddling hit, and there’s even a nearby hiking trail to a Surge Narrows lookout!

New chef Nela 

Then there’s the food…Lannie can’t be in two places at once, and she’s a tough one to duplicate, but we think we’ve finally found someone up to the task.

New chef Nela brings a wealth of experience and international flair to the job. After completing her pastry chef training, Nela worked internationally, spending time cooking everywhere from vineyards, to bakeries to boat tours. Nela and Lannie share an appreciation for fresh food made from scratch, and are collaborating on a brand new menu, so expect a few CME classics in addition to a range of fun international flavours from Nela’s personal repertoire.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our trips, or even just want to get to know us better. We’re always happy to chat!