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Fall Happenings at Coast Mountain

Hello Everybody!


Now that the season has wound down, we'd like to say thank you to everyone who made us a part of their holiday time this year.


Fall has definitely arrived, and the consistently rainy weather has been a reminder of why we don't offer tours in the winter! On the plus side, it has given us a chance to catch up on some projects and maintenance that will hopefully make Coast Mountain and Discovery Islands Lodge even nicer places to spend time next season.


To start with, Ralph has been busy installing a small hydroelectric system at Discovery Islands Lodge. Those who have been there will remember the creek as being pretty tiny, but rainy-season flows and the addition of a small dam should generate a decent amount of electricity in the shoulder season and further decrease the amount of time we have to run a generator.


Lannie has been keeping busy in the garden - this time of year is mostly about cleaning up and getting ready for winter, but we are still looking forward to harvesting leeks, kale, beets and carrots, as well as planting a few items (like garlic) for next summer.


We've also had a bit of fun walking around in the forest behind the lodge (Cedar the dog loves it) and planning a new trail route that will meander around some scenic bluffs and a couple of spectacular remaining old growth trees. The now mature forest is a reminder of just how much time has past since we moved here way back in 1980!


We'll keep posting about new projects as they happen around these parts, until then we hope everyone is having a great fall!

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