Sea Kayaking British Columbia

BC Kayak Tours 2017 Calendar – Sea Kayaking British Columbia Kayak Tours

Our 2017 calendar of BC kayak tours and sea kayaking adventure vacations in British Columbia offers an array of kayak lodge and wilderness camping holidays and - we hope - a British Columbia sea kayaking tour that fits your calendar, your interests and your budget!

Coast Mountain's BC kayak tours and BC wilderness lodge sea kayaking programs range from easy to challenging, short to longer, comfortable to challenging. We aim to have something for everyone.

BC Kayaking Tours 2017 Multiday Trips Calendar

June Kayak Trips

June 11 - 17 Desolation Sound Expedition - trip full
June 17 - 20 Discovery Islands Kayak Tour
June 21 - 26 Octopus Islands Adventure
Jun 28 - July 4 Desolation Sound Expedition

July Kayak Trips

July 5 - 10 Octopus Islands Adventure
July 6 - 9 Kayak Lodge Getaway - trip full
July 10 - 13 Discovery Islands Kayak Tour  - trip full
July 14 - 20 Bute Inlet Expedition
July 20 - 25 Octopus Islands Adventure 
July 27 - 30 Discovery Islands Kayak Tour - trip full
July 28 - Aug 3  Bute Inlet Expedition

August Kayak Trips

Aug 3 - 8 Octopus Islands Adventure
Aug 8 - 11 Discovery Islands Kayak Tour
Aug 12 - 15 Kayak Lodge Getaway - trip full

Aug 11 - 17 Bute Inlet Expedition 
Aug 17 - 22 Octopus Islands Adventure - trip full
Aug 22 - 25 Discovery Islands Kayak Tour - trip full
Aug 27 - Sept 2 Desolation Sound Expedition - trip full

September Kayak Trips

Feel free to contact us by phone 250-285-2823 or email if you have questions about our sea kayaking trips or if you wonder which of our kayak tours are best for you.

Sea kayaking British Columbia tours are one of the best ways to really experience the BC west coast wilderness. The sea kayak takes us to remote and pristine places and we paddle at a peaceful pace that lets us notice the beauty of our environment. BC kayak tours offer the quiet delight of wildlife viewed up close and the excitement of nature in action. The tranquil beauty of our wilderness west coast is always soul-nourishing and the challenge of self-propelled travel is empowering.